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Several Problems Needing Attention in the Construction of Highway Fence

Jan. 22, 2021

Highway Guardrail Net is usually used on highways. It is a professional fence product with many advantages such as simple structure, novel appearance, convenient transportation and convenient installation. Many highways in our country use highway fence nets, usually highway fence nets are mainly used for highways, railways, bridges, stadiums, airports, stations, service areas, bonded areas, open yards, ports and other venues.

The domestic highway fence has excellent performance. It is usually spot welded with high-quality low-carbon steel wire with a diameter of 4mm. It is a very ideal metal mesh wall and has been widely used in various industries.

Highway fence netting: cold drawn low carbon steel wire is welded into a net cylindrical curl, the net surface is integrated, galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, strong corrosion resistance, and then sprayed and dipped in various colors, fixed connection accessories and steel pipe columns, through this series Process produced.

The highway fence net made in this way can still be as bright as new after years of wind, sun, and rain, and has strong UV resistance.

Guardrail Net

Guardrail Net

Highway fence net structure

The highway fence net is woven and welded with low-carbon steel wire. After being pressed, bent and rolled into a cylindrical shape, it is connected and fixed with a steel pipe bracket through a connecting attachment.

Advantages of highway fence

Highway fence net has many advantages, such as high strength, good steel performance, beautiful appearance, wide field of view, simple installation, bright, light and practical. The connection between the mesh and the column is very close, and the overall feeling is good. The upper and lower coils make the surface of the mesh. The strength is significantly improved.

Several problems should be paid attention to in the construction of highway fence:

1.When the double-ring guardrail is used as the anti-collision guardrail, the appearance quality of the product depends on the construction process. During the construction process, pay attention to the combination of construction preparation and pile driver, constantly sum up experience, strengthen construction management, and ensure the quality of guardrail installation.

2. When the Wire Fence Panels is driven too deep, it should not be straightened. When the foundation needs to be compacted again, the column should be driven again, or the position of the column should be adjusted, and the hammering force should be controlled when it is close to the construction depth.

3. When installing highway fence nets, you should accurately grasp the information of various facilities, especially the accurate positions of various pipelines buried in the roadbed. During the construction process, it is not allowed to damage the underground facilities.

4. When installing wing panels on highway bridges, if you want to install wing panels, you should pay attention to the positioning of the wing panels and the control of the elevation of the column top. The grass fence is a kind of fence product made on the grass, usually using domestic high-strength galvanized Steel wire, warp and weft wire are automatically twisted, usually D-grade galvanized hard steel wire with a diameter of 2.5mm.

The above is the content shared by the Wire Mesh Manufacturer, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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