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How to Effectively Configure Heavy Duty Shelving?

Jun. 02, 2021

The management of Heavy-Duty Shelves is very complex, for the current management is not standardized must have a reasonable and perfect management style to speed up the application and development process and efficiency of shelves, shelves and sales are inseparable, the positive feedback of information is also the basis for shelves in the form of production improvement and replacement!

Shelf management style and a mall's sales is very much linked to the general shelf management style is good, sales or, management can not keep up with the development of the mall's sales also affects a lot, therefore, shelf management must optimize the configuration of display goods.

Heavy-Duty Shelves

Heavy-Duty Shelves

First of all, the Warehouse Shelves merchandise configuration table is the most effective distribution of merchandise displayed on the shelf company, the display of goods shelves in the store for the most appropriate arrangement, and the form of the table shows. The merchandise allocation table is made for a certain period of time in a store, and it actually specifies all the merchandise and the exact placement of each merchandise in the store for that period of time.

The decision support system-based merchandise allocation table solution is a powerful decision support system that makes and adjusts the merchandise allocation table under the monitoring of the merchandise management headquarters' salesperson; the merchandise allocation table is executed by the store; and the merchandise allocation table execution of the store is monitored by the region.

The production of the merchandise allocation table is done by experienced salesmen and a powerful decision support system. The pallet rack decision support system can intelligently analyze the real-time sales data transmitted from the stores, so that the merchandise allocation table can reflect the perfect combination of consumer information and merchandise information. By implementing shelf management according to the commodity allocation table, the goal of shelf management can be achieved - to place the best goods on the best shelf plant.

Secondly, the storage shelf decision support system collects all the data that can be quantified in real time from each store through a highly developed information system, and makes timely adjustments to the merchandise allocation table based on its intelligent analysis.

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