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How does Wind and Dust Suppression Net Working?

Oct. 22, 2020

The wind and dust suppression net supplier provide a double-layer versatile wind and dust suppression net, which relates to the technical field of windproof nets and also consists of column frameworks and a net structure placed on the column frameworks

The wind and dust suppression net structure is hooked on a top support rope and also a reduced support rope. Using the double-layer adaptable windproof web well solves the troubles that the existing windproof internet in a single-layer web structure is poor in wind proofing impact, existing columns have high wind resistance as well as are simple to damage to disable the windproof net, as well as a car running safety and security under extreme conditions, strong wind and tornado, can not be ensured.

1. Principle

According to the aerodynamic principle, the wind deflector is processed into a certain geometric shape according to the results of the on-site environmental wind tunnel experiment, and the wind deflector is combined into a wind and dust suppression mesh wall according to the site conditions, so that the circulating air can pass through the wall from the outside. At the time, the up and down interference airflow is formed on the inside of the wall to achieve the effect of strong wind on the outside and weak wind on the wind side; small wind on the outside and no wind on the inside, thereby preventing dust from flying.

The metal wind and dust suppression net have different shapes and opening rates, and the butterfly-shaped windshield has the effect of significantly reducing wind speed and wind under a certain opening rate. The design of the wind-proof and dust-suppression wall When the airflow passes through each wind-proof and dust-suppression board, the airflow will pass through the opening of the windshield. There are two phenomena of separation and adhesion behind the wind deflector. At the same time, up and down disturbing air flow appeared, which reduced the wind speed of the incoming flow, and greatly lost the kinetic energy of the incoming flow. At the same time, avoid the vortex of the wind in front of the wind deflector and reduce the turbulence of the incoming wind.

Under different opening forms, the surface velocity of the pile gradually increases from the bottom of the pile along the windward surface of the pile, and a velocity shear layer appears on the top of the pile, resulting in a velocity recirculation zone on the leeward surface; The bottom of the pile gradually decreases along the windward surface, while on the leeward surface, it remains basically unchanged. The pressure on the surface of the material pile after the circular open-hole windproof net is lower, and its dust suppression effect is more obvious.

Wind And Dust Suppression Net

Wind And Dust Suppression Net

2. Features

A. Knitting process The special knitting process is used to weave a unique and effective net knot. Even if man-made damage occurs, it will not open the knot linearly, and the maintenance is simple and convenient. Under normal conditions, there is almost no maintenance cost.

B. Impact resistance Because the mesh body is a flexible material, it has very good flexibility. It can withstand the impact of hail (strong wind) and has strong impact resistance.

C. Flame retardancy The flexible wind and dust suppression net will add flame retardant in the production, and it can meet the requirements of safe production after passing the flame retardant performance test.

D. Anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging) The net body contains anti-ultraviolet chemical components, which can absorb strong ultraviolet light and effectively extend the service life.

E. Appearance effect The use of two-color nets has achieved a good effect in beautifying the urban environment while reducing pollution.


A. to the pull-type windbreak

B. spigot-and-socket windbreak

C. earth embankment formula windbreak

D. district of standing constructs board-like windbreak

The wind and dust suppression net effect of the single-layer wind-proof and dust-suppression net can reach 65-85%, and the setting of the double-layer net can greatly improve the wind-proof and dust-suppression effect and effectively limit the occurrence of secondary dust.

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