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What are the Advantages and Applications of Reinforced Mesh?

Sep. 28, 2020

The application of Concrete Reinforcement Mesh in China accounts for less than one-tenth of the total amount of steel. In the early 1990s, the reinforced mesh was only listed as a key promotion project by the State Science and Technology Commission and the Ministry of Construction, and national standards and regulations were formulated. China's infrastructure development has developed rapidly, and the state's investment in infrastructure has continued to grow; the strategy of developing the western region has been implemented. The country's economic construction has entered a new stage, and the basic construction of energy, transportation, water conservancy, housing, and municipal engineering, etc., will definitely increase the demand for reinforcing steel meshes. Its market application prospect is very broad. Reinforced steel mesh is suitable for factory and large-scale production. It is a new industry with high efficiency, meeting environmental protection requirements, and adapting to the development trend of industrialization of the construction industry.

Prospects of reinforcing steel mesh: reinforcement mesh construction is the trend of the world's reinforcing steel industry. Reinforced mesh, a new type of reinforcement, is especially suitable for large-area concrete projects. The widespread and rapid application of cold-drawn ribbed steel bars and hot-rolled class III steel bars in China provides a good material foundation for the development of steel meshes. The formal implementation of reinforced mesh product standards and usage regulations has played a positive role in improving product quality and accelerating the promotion and application. China's market has great potential for steel mesh demand. Reinforced mesh is aesthetically pleasing. China is a major steel country in the world. The development of reinforced mesh in China already has soft and hard conditions. Reinforced steel mesh can significantly improve the quality of steel bars, significantly increase the speed of construction, and enhance the crack resistance of concrete, which has better overall economic benefits. Where can reinforced mesh be applied? Let's find out with a Reinforcement Mesh Supplier.

1.Application of reinforced mesh in highway cement concrete pavement engineering

The minimum diameter and the maximum distance of the reinforced mesh for reinforced concrete pavement should comply with the current industry standard Code for Design of Highway Cement Concrete Pavements JTG D40. When cold-rolled ribbed bars are used, the diameter of the bars shall not be less than 8mm, the distance between the longitudinal bars shall not be greater than 200mm, and the distance between the transverse bars shall not be greater than 300mm. The longitudinal and transverse reinforcement of the reinforcement mesh should adopt the same diameter, and the thickness of the protective layer of the reinforcement should not be less than 50mm. The reinforcement mesh for reinforced concrete pavement can be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the reinforcement mesh for reinforced concrete pavement.

2. Application of reinforced mesh in bridge engineering

It is mainly used for the deck pavement of municipal bridges and highway bridges, the reconstruction of old bridge decks, and the prevention of cracks in piers. The acceptance inspection of the application engineering of thousands of bridges in China shows that the use of reinforced mesh significantly improves the quality of the pavement layer of the bridge deck, the pass rate of the protective layer thickness is over 97%, the flatness of the bridge deck is improved, the bridge deck has almost no cracks, and the pavement speed is increased Above 50%, reduce the cost of the bridge deck pavement project by about 10%. The reinforcement mesh of the bridge deck pavement should use a reinforcement mesh or a pre-cooled rolled ribbed reinforcement mesh. It is not appropriate to use a banded reinforcement mesh. The diameter and spacing of the reinforced mesh for bridge deck paving shall be determined according to the bridge structure type and load level. The spacing of the reinforcement mesh can be 100-200mm, and its diameter should be 6-l00mm. The Reinforcement Mesh should be equally spaced vertically and horizontally. The thickness of the protective layer from the top surface of the reinforced mesh should not be less than 20mm.

3. Application of reinforced mesh in tunnel lining

According to the national standard Code for Design of Highway Tunnels JTGD70-2004.Ribbed steel mesh should be set in the shotcrete, which is conducive to improving the shear and bending strength of the shotcrete, improving the punching and bending resistance of the concrete, improving the integrity of the shotcrete, reducing the shrinkage cracks of the shotcrete, and preventing Partial drop. The reinforcement mesh grid should be arranged in a rectangle, and the reinforcement spacing of the reinforcement mesh is 150-300mm.

Reinforced mesh is widely used in industry, so we should make  Construction Reinforcement Mesh.

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