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The Specific Classification And Use of Storage Shelves

Sep. 19, 2020

1.According to the load-bearing capacity: heavy storage shelves, medium storage shelves, Light Storage Shelves

2. According to the process, it is divided into: mold rack, beam type rack, corridor type rack, gravity type rack, cantilever type rack, attic type rack, fluent type rack and shuttle type rack

3. Divided into: Storage Shelves; book shelves; vegetable shelves; audio-visual shelves; supermarket shelves; grain and oil shelves

Heavy-duty storage shelves: a fully assembled structure in the form of column pieces + beams, the structure is concise and effective

Medium-sized storage shelves: many brands and specifications of industrial shelves

Light-duty storage shelves: Mainly used for placing light-bearing items, the load-bearing capacity is generally 100-150kg

Mold rack: place various plastic molds, hardware molds, die-casting molds, powder metallurgy molds, extrusion molds, etc

Cross-beam racks: They are heavy-duty racks, but in fact, cross-beam racks are referred to as selective racks, position racks, and pallet racks

Corridor shelf: It is a continuous whole building shelf that is not divided by aisles. On the supporting rails, the trays are stored in the depth direction, one after the other, which enables high-density storage

Gravity racking: It belongs to Heavy-Duty Shelves, which is evolved from pallet racking. It is suitable for the storage of small varieties and large quantities of similar goods. The space utilization rate is extremely high. The depth and number of layers of gravity racking can be determined according to needs

Cantilever rack: suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods

Loft-style shelves: use medium-sized shelf-style shelves or heavy-duty shelf-style shelves as the main support plus floor panels (decide which shelf to choose according to the total load weight of the shelf unit), the floor panels usually choose cold rolled steel floor slabs, pattern steel floor slabs or Steel grating floor

Fluent shelf: Utilize the weight of the goods rack to store goods from one aisle and pick up the goods from the other aisle to achieve first-in first-out, convenient storage, and multiple pick-ups for one replenishment. The fluent shelf has high storage efficiency and is suitable for short-term storage and picking of large quantities of goods

Shuttle rack: It is a high-density storage system composed of racks, trolleys and forklifts. This efficient storage method is to improve the utilization of warehouse space and bring customers a new storage choice

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